Five Against One

SF Bay Area's premier tribute to early Pearl Jam

Exploding on the music scene with epic rock anthems like “Even Flow” and “Jeremy” Pearl Jam inspired generations of bands and listeners for decades to follow.  We are “Five Against One”, a band named after the opening lyrics to the song “Animal” (and the original title of the Vs. album!) and created in July 2016 out of the respect and love for the music of early Pearl Jam.  We are dedicated to transporting the audience back to a time when the music of Pearl Jam was able to move and to motivate them, to see, hear, and feel the stories told through Eddie Vedder’s unique vocals and the band’s powerful multifacted instrumental backing.  We are “Five Against One”. We do early Pearl Jam like it was meant to be done!


  • Vocals: Michael Vigil, Jr.
  • Guitars, backing vocals: Rik Avalos
  • Lead guitar: Chris Johnson
  • Bass, backing vocals: Pete Kuhl
  • Drums: Marc Day

Site Photos: Joe Bulanda, Gary Phillips